Creating art beyond the edge
of related chaotic phenomena

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Metakaos stems from the Greek words 'meta' which means beyond, and 'kaos' for primordial disorder of this world from which altered order emerges. The name is an apt reflection of our aspirations – to create a new art style by merging the elements of East and West in our artistic endeavors. The artworks that culminate at the edge of related chaotic phenomena, set the new trends of the century.

Together with our affiliated company Mercurio Design Lab, a bespoke Italian design firm, we offer services from art trading to art curation, from artistic styling of spaces to creating customised collections and sculptures, and from conceptual designs to project management, with a team of qualified engineers and QPs (Qualified Persons) who oversee the safety and proper installations of artworks which are rarely available in the industry and exclusive to Metakaos.

handcrafted to perfection

Our artworks are firmly based and centered on the strength of their form. Working with renowned Italian and Asian artists, we create different collections steeped in a fine balance of Eastern and Western artistic elements.