Power Series

A collection of power and persona

The Power Series sculpted by Prompun Sirinudsomboon is Metakaos first new artist collection series, following the successful launch of the inaugural "The Auspicious Series" and "Zodiac Series". This limited edition series is modelled after powerful animals from the animal kingdom. Each of these animals are portrayed in poses that take on the form of their unique personality.

The 8 animals represent a range of different personalities, such as Supremacy (Bear), Courage (Bull), Invincibility (Rhinoceros), Acumen (Elephant), Reverence (Eagle), Endurance (Horse), Sovereignty (Lion), Agility (Panther).

Prompum Sirinudsomboon - the Thai artist has participated in exhibitions such as The Art Exhibition: Painting, Ceramic and Mini-sculpture at The City Gallery in the Siam City Hotel Bangkok. In 2008, she was involved in the Vichienket Arts Exhibition, also held at the same location. She has rendered her artisitic services to Metakaos for an earlier collaboration where she has created the popular Cute, Imagine and Curious Cat Series for our Metakaos 8” Collections.


Bears are likened to heroic warriors and benevolent kings who reigned supremacy with their powerful influence.

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The Bull, an oft perceived, less-than-delicate animal holds a lot more dignity with its immovable determination.

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The Lion, commonly referred to as “King of the Beasts”, is a symbol of kingly power and might.

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The Rhinoceros, a large primitive looking mammal, armed with physical strength and powerful horns is an invincible opponent.

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The Eagle, revered as majestic bird of prey, is admired for its swiftness, great physical power, and seemingly endless endurance.

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The Horse, with its great physical stamina and full of energy, remains active for a long period of time, enabling to resist, withstand, recover from, and have immunity to trauma, wounds, and fatigue.

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The Elephant, known as a very intelligent largest living terrestrial animals, recognizes potential threats through its cognitive ability and powerful memories.

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The Panther is an incredibly agile stealthy creature, set apart for its formidable hunting prowess- impressive climbing, jumping and running skills to hunt down medium- to large-sized herbivores.

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